Travertine Stone

Travertino AlabastrinoThere’s a new trend in modern home design. When most people think of natural stone countertops, they typically think of granite and marble. However, travertine stone is increasing in popularity as an option for countertops. Unlike marble and granite, travertine is a type of limestone that is combined with cement to create a more uniform surface. When it comes to travertine stone in Naples, nobody has a better selection than Exotic Stone Collection.

Choose from an amazing inventory of slabs to create the perfect modern kitchen countertops. Travertine stone countertops provide a smooth and durable work surface, giving kitchens a natural visual appeal. Exotic Stone Collection has a vast inventory travertine stone in a variety of colors. Our team can provide the highest quality of bulk travertine stone at affordable prices. These stones provide several advantages.

  • Travertine stone is less expensive than granite.
  • Travertine stone is easy to cut and shape.
  • Travertine stone is naturally formed and colored, giving instant beauty to any kitchen
  • Travertine stone is environmentally friendly and complies with today’s green building codes

Exotic Stone Collection provides natural stone countertops for designers, architects, trade professionals and builders. That means our products must meet the highest standards of quality. In addition to travertine stone in Naples, select from an amazing variety of natural stone slabs including, granite, marble and limestone countertops. Naples builders and contractors demand a superior product. When it comes to natural stones, no other provider in Southwest Florida beats our selection. We have the finest quality of natural stone from throughout the world including Italy, Greece, Brazil and India.

Exotic Stone Collection is about providing the best upscale product. Because travertine stone in Naples isn’t easy to find, it’s important to count to find a natural stone distributor with a track record of customer satisfaction. Our bilingual customer service team can address any of your questions or concerns about travertine stone or any of our natural stone products. Quality, reliability and supreme craftsmanship is what Exotic Stone Collection is all about. To learn more contact our service professionals today.