Limestone Countertops

luxury kitchen with new cabinets and slate floor

There is no shortage of kitchen countertop options in Naples. Everything from granite to marble to travertine, stone can be used to create the perfect countertop for any home or office. But more builders and home designers are discovering the new demand for limestone. Its combination of vibrant colors and patterns create a classic look for any kitchen or bathroom. For the best selection of upscale limestone countertops in Naples, more builders, architects and home designers trust the team at Exotic Stone Collection.

Like our name suggests, Exotic Stone Collection isn’t your average natural stone provider. We carry a unique collection of the finest exotic stone in the world. Our inventory includes natural stone slabs imported from Italy, Greece, Brazil and India. We only provide the highest quality of natural stone to fit only the highest standards demanded by builders and home designers. Our selection of limestone countertops in Naples is unmatched.

Although limestone is porous, not all slabs are the same. Some limestone formations are dense, which helps prevent liquids from penetrating the surface. Special sealers can used to enhance its appearance and help limestone countertops look their best for years to come. At Exotic Stone Collection, we must work at much higher standard. Our job is to provide builders, home designers, architects, trade professionals and builders with the best quality of limestone countertops in Naples.

Limestone has quickly become one of the most popular surfaces for countertops in today’s modern homes and buildings. In addition to providing aesthetic beauty, they’re also very adaptable. Limestone countertops in Naples instantly add greater sophistication and functionality to kitchens or bathrooms. They’re extremely heat resistant and sturdy. But they’re not just great for homes. Many professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts prefer limestone countertops because of their natural white and sandy color and blends well with stainless steel features of professional kitchenware.

Limestone’s unique origin is also an appealing factor. It’s created over centuries from fossils and shells and is shaped by sand and aquatic life. For the best in limestone in Naples, contact our customer service team or visit our showroom today.